Hedge's integration for Assimilate SCRATCH automatically adds transferred clips to a target SCRATCH project.


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    Hedge 21.2 or newer


Once Assimilate SCRATCH is installed, enable the integration in Preferences (or in Settings on Windows)
Next, specify the Destination and file extensions for clips you want to be added to your SCRATCH project.

"For transfers where Destination matches:"

Specifies which Destination's clips you want to be added to your SCRATCH project. If you don't specify a Destination, the First Destination your Source is transferred to will be used. You can specify in two ways:
  • By volume name, e.g. RAID
  • A folder path. Use a wildcard (*) for more flexibility, e.g. */proxies
Add multiple Destinations by separating them with a semicolon:
Backup 1;Backup 2;Backup 3

"Add clips when file extension matches:"

Narrows down which files are added to your SCRATCH project by setting one or multiple file extensions.
Add multiple extensions by separating them with a semicolon:
Finally, tell Hedge which SCRATCH project, group , and timeline the clips will be added to:
  • Project: the name of the SCRATCH project (must be an existing project).
  • Group: the name of the group in the SCRATCH project. If this group does not exist, a new one will be created.
  • Timeline: the name of the timeline within a group in a SCRATCH project. If this group does not exist, a new one will be created.
Before transferring with the integration enabled, be sure to have created your project in SCRATCH.
These elements can be used when setting Group and Timeline:
{Source Name},{Counter},{YYYY},{YY}, {MM}, {DD},{hh}.{mm}, {ss}
Once you're done configuring the integration, transfer your media. When a transfer completes, clips are added to your SCRATCH project.
Clips are added when you (re)loading your SCRATCH project.
Project, Group, Timeline, and Clips Processed from Hedge


Hedge will add the following metadata to your clips:
Checksum and Source Review metadata

The SCRATCH Watch Folder

By default Hedge uses the default SCRATCH watch folder location:
/Library/Application Support/Assimilator/Watch
If you change SCRATCH's watch folder path, you'll also need to tell Hedge about it.
Do so in Terminal, with this command:
defaults write nl.syncfactory.Hedge.Mac SFIIntegrationsScratchDefaultsWatchFolderKey <path/to/the/new/watchfolder>
To check the current setting use this command:
defaults read nl.syncfactory.Hedge.Mac SFIIntegrationsScratchDefaultsWatchFolderKey
Do so in the Registry app:
Add a string: ScratchWatchFolder with the new path as value
Often, the dailies computer is not the same as the offload computer. When that's the case, set up a network between the two computers over WiFi, and share SCRATCH's watch folder on the dailies computer over the network. Then, point Hedge to the shared folder. Alternatively, you could use rsync to sync two watch folders over the network.
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