Supported Formats

EditReady supports any file in a QuickTime or MXF wrapper plus a wide range of vendor-specific formats, including many RAW codecs:

  • ProRes

  • ProRes RAW

  • DNxHD

  • DNxHR

  • DVCProHD

  • H.264

  • H.265 (HEVC)

  • Apple Intermediate

  • Blackmagic RAW (BRAW)

  • RED R3D


  • Codex ARRIRAW*

  • Codex HDE

  • Sony RAW

  • Sony X-OCN

  • Canon RAW

  • Phantom CineRAW**

* ARRI Alexa 35 HDE MXFs are not supported.

** Phantom CineRAW requires an EditReady Pro license.

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Note on Blackmagic Camera Support

When Blackmagic releases new camera models, third party applications often need to release an update to fully support the new model. If you've gotten the latest Blackmagic Camera and we haven't yet shipped an update for EditReady, you can install the Blackmagic BRAW SDK on your computer. EditReady will default to using the newer version of the BRAW tools.

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