Get a live overview of OffShoot transfers in progress – yours and others – plus receive push notifications on completed transfers wherever you are.

The Hedge Connect 2.0 app for iOS and Android is incompatible with OffShoot. Using Hedge 23.1.2 or older? Unfortunately, Google delisted Connect from Google Play. Connect for iOS is still available in the App Store.


  1. OffShoot 23.2 or newer

  2. A modern web browser

How to use

  1. Go to Settings > Connect.

  2. Toggle Enable Connect to ON.

  3. Copy the Connect Code by clicking the clipboard icon.

  4. Click Go to Connect ✨, or go to in your web browser.

  1. Enter the Connect Code or request a magic link (requires an OffShoot Pro license).

  1. Start a transfer in OffShoot, and your transfers will appear on the Connect site.

Monitor multiple computers

Connect can list multiple workstations with OffShoot transfers in-progress if someone enables Connect in OffShoot on their workstation and they send you their Connect Code.

  1. Once you log into the Connect site, click Add + .

  2. Under Add new connection, enter the Connect Code of another computer using OffShoot with Connect enabled.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. That computer will appear on the Connect site with any live transfer progress.

Receive Notifications

Connect can send push notifications about completed OffShoot transfers to a network-connected device.

  1. Once you log into the Connect site, click the grey bell icon (i.e. the notification button).

  2. Click Allow in the notifications popup on your device.

  3. When the grey bell turns blue, Connect will send you notifications for completed transfers.

Enable Push Notifications from the Connect site on mobile devices

  • iOS 16.4 and newer:

    1. Go to the Connect site

    2. Save Connect as a web app by tapping the share button in the iOS toolbar, scrolling to the bottom of the menu, and tapping Add to Home Screen.

    3. Open the web app and click the notification bell icon.

    4. Enable Notifications for this website when prompted.

If the notification button is disabled, your browser does not support notifications, or you rejected notifications to appear in your web browser.

Change connection name

By default, Connect will display the Computer Name as the connection name.

You can change the connection name in OffShoot > Settings > Connect > Computer Name.

Revoke access

An OffShoot user can revoke access to Connect by clicking the Revoke Access button in OffShoot. This cancels all connections to the Connect site and creates a new Connect Code.

On the Connect site, you can delete a connection to a device by hovering over the device listed under Connections, then clicking X next to it.


With OffShoot Pro, there's no need to Add new connection's with a Connect Code since:

  • Enable Connect will be toggled ON by default.

  • OffShoot automatically adds your device's connection to the Connect site.

  • You can log in to the Connect site using your email address or license key.

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