You can input signals into ScopeBox in a variety of ways, including via other apps (ScopeLink), hardware capture devices, files and network connections.

Hardware Capture Devices

ScopeBox works with many types of hardware capture devices, including devices from Blackmagic and AJA, as well as most USB-compatible video capture hardware and cameras. As a quick test, if your devices shows up in QuickTime Player when you select "new movie recording", it's likely to work in ScopeBox as well.
If you're using a Blackmagic or AJA device, be sure that you've got the latest version of the drivers installed. For Blackmagic users, a quick test to ensure everything is working is to launch the Media Express application and switch to the logging tab. If you're not seeing your signal there, you've likely got hardware or driver issues.

Network (NDI) Monitoring

ScopeBox supports monitoring signals over the NDI protocol, via your local network connection. NDI can also be used on a single computer, to monitor NDI-compatible applications like Avid Media Composer.


ScopeBox can open a wide array of QuickTime, MXF, M2T and MTS files for monitoring. Loading files in ScopeBox also enables support for our scrubbable timeline interface.
Keep in mind that decoding files can demand substantial compute resources. While modern Macs have hardware video deco
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