Auto-set Destinations

This AppleScript uses OffShoot's Disk Added event to identify an OffShoot app start and sets one or more destinations through the OffShoot API.

How to use

  1. Open the script and edit the settings.

  2. Add the script to the Disk Added event in OffShoot's Settings > Scripting pane.

  3. When OffShoot starts, the script will:

    • check if the Disk Added event is triggered by the startup drive (only happens once per app start).

    • reset any disks that were auto-sourced or remembered as a destination.

    • set the destination paths specified in destinations .

Disable OffShoot's Auto Source and remember Destination settings for a "cleaner" app start experience.


set theAPItoken to ""
set destinations to { "" } -- e.g { "/Volumes/T1", "/Volumes/T2" }


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