How many LTO decks can I operate with a Canister license?

Canister supports multiple tape decks being connected to the same computer, and they can all be used at the same time.

I have one LTO deck that moves around between computers.

The standard Canister license allows for two activations, so you can keep two computers activated while using only one at a time. If you need to move your deck between more than two computers, you can use the online License Manager to remotely deactivate computers, or add activations.

I have multiple Macs with each its own tape deck.

For multiple computers with each its own LTO deck, you'll need multiple activations. Adding additional activations to your license can be done in the License Manager.

My license only has 1 activation, why is that?

All recent licenses purchased directly from us come with 2 activations. If your Canister license has only 1 activation it's either a quite old license, or it's a license that came for free with your LTO hardware. Adding a second activation to your license can be done in the License Manager.

My license key won't activate the latest Canister

Chances are you have a license that starts with id and ends with ods or uks. This is a legacy license, and cannot be used with versions newer than 20.1. Contact us for an upgrade coupon or continue to use the now-legacy Canister 20.1.