Note: Apple silicon requires Hedge 20.4.2 or newer

Although all previous releases are available here, not all are supported. Any version of Hedge or OffShoot older than one year is unsupported and considered legacy. A legacy version may work as expected, but if you encounter a hurdle while using that version, please consider extending or upgrading your license through the License Manager.

24.2 - Straight From The Source

OffShoot for Mac 24.2 (May 14, 2024) - Download

  • Have OffShoot treat multiple selected folders as individual Sources rather than a single Collection. Find this option under Settings > General > Source.

  • Add multiple Sources to the transfer queue as a batch or one by one. Set your preference via Settings > General > Source.

  • Want to move a Source instead of making a copy? Now you can, enable this feature under Settings > Transfers > Transfer.

24.1 - Stop & Resume Transfers

OffShoot for Mac 24.1.2 (April 30, 2024) - Download

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the EditReady integration.

OffShoot for Mac 24.1.1 (April 02, 2024) - Download

  • OffShoot's EditReady integration no longer reverts to the default preset every time OffShoot is started. It also no longer triggers for S3 Destinations.

  • Unhiding a disk would sometimes cause it to show up twice; that's fixed as well.

OffShoot for Mac 24.1 (March 19, 2024) - Download

  • Stop & Resume transfers, at your leisure. Failed transfers, or transfers that Complete with warnings, can also be resumed.

  • Start transcodes automatically with the new EditReady integration.

  • Want to set multiple sources instead of a collection? Hold the alt key when dragging in a Collection.


  • Support for AWS S3 Transfer acceleration.

  • Support for Backblaze B2 connections.

  • The generic S3 integration now supports paths too, next to domains.

23.3 - ProGrade Health Check

OffShoot for Mac 23.3.1 (December 7, 2023) - Download

  • Fixed a rare issue causing duplicate files to be copied again.

OffShoot for Mac 23.3 (November 29, 2023) - Download

  • Check the lifespan of your ProGrade media with the new Health Check function.

  • Try upcoming features before they're released with OffShoot Beta (opt-in via Settings > License > Receive Beta updates).

  • Pro - Support for Codex Device Manager 7.2.

OffShoot 23.4 Beta

  • Pro - Support for BackBlaze B2 S3 cloud storage.

23.2 - OffShoot

Read all about OffShoot 23.2 in the blog.

OffShoot for Mac 23.2.4 (November 24, 2023) - Download

  • Added size calculation support for UDF Sources.

OffShoot for Mac 23.2.3 (November 16, 2023) - Download

  • This update fixes a couple of rare crashes. Thanks for reporting, all!

OffShoot for Mac 23.2.2 (October 24, 2023) - Download

  • Codex HDE Sources show the estimated size again.

  • Improved the number of Connect update messages that OffShoot sends for each transfer.

  • In Beta: Support for Codex 7.2 Beta. Reach out if you are interested.

OffShoot for Mac 23.2.1 (October 18, 2023) - Download

  • Official support for Codex Device Manager 7.1.2.

  • The MHL per file option is now also supported for S3 transfers.

  • The Finder extension is now working on macOS 14.

  • Some users reported OffShoot crashing at the beginning or end of the transfer; that’s fixed! Thanks for sending in those crash reports, all 🙏

  • Codex HDE Sources show the estimated size again.

OffShoot for Mac 23.2 (October 03, 2023) - Download

We're renaming Hedge, the app, to OffShoot 🎉 New

  • A new app name, UI, and app icon ✨

  • Support for macOS 14 Sonoma

  • A completely new Connect, available at

  • Floating licenses: move your activation to any computer with a single click

  • A brand new Pro version:

    • Pro Verified transfers to S3 cloud storage

    • Pro Log in to Connect with a magic link and see all your computers

    • Pro The Codex integration is now a Pro feature, with:

      • Official support for Codex Device Manager 7.0 and Alexa 35

      • Duplicate detection for Codex HDE transfers

    • Pro Scripting is now a Pro feature

      • Supports S3 connection configuration

      • Supports setting S3 connections as Destinations


  • The “Does not fit alert” would sometimes show up when setting consecutive project folders. That’s fixed.

  • Transferring an FCP bundle could cause transfers to fail; that’s now fixed.

Important Changes

  • The Hedge Connect iOS and Android app are NOT compatible with OffShoot.

  • Codex and Scripting are now Pro features and will NOT work with a standard license.

  • No more accidental ejecting of disks; we removed the green eject icon. “Ejecting” can be done via the disk menu (or right-clicking a disk).

  • The Disk Menu option “Set Project Folder” is now called “Set Destination Folder”.

  • OffShoot runs on macOS 10.15 and newer.

Upgrade to Pro / Floating license?

When running OffShoot for the first time, you’ll be offered to upgrade to Pro, and given the option to convert your license to a Floating License, if applicable. You can also perform these actions anytime you want in the License Manager.

Looking for older releases? Before 23.2, OffShoot was called Hedge: Releases

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