Why is there a hand icon over a Library?

That Library is open and in use on another Mac. Hover over the hand icon to determine which Mac has that Library open.

Can I tell Arctic to rescan a Source for FCP Libraries?

Yes. Control-Click a Source, then choose Force scan for new libraries.

Why can’t I find something in Arctic’s scan results?

First, make sure all filters are enabled (purple, not gray).

Next, clear the 🔍 Search field, ensuring all search parameters are enabled (yellow, not gray).

Finally, Arctic stores its scan results in an internal database. On occasion, that database may become damaged. If this happens, you can safely reset Arctic’s database with these steps:

  1. Quit Arctic.

  2. Press and hold Option-Command while relaunching Arctic.

    • Once Arctic launches, release those keys.

  3. Arctic will scan all Sources connected to your Mac once more.

Resetting Arctic’s database will not endanger your Final Cut Pro Libraries.

Why do I need to reindex Spotlight?

If some Libraries are still missing from an Arctic scan, you may need to reindex Spotlight on your Mac.

How can I reset Arctic’s preferences?

If all else fails, you can reset Arctic’s preferences using this command in

defaults delete video.hedge.Arctic.Mac

Why can't I activate Arctic?

You're likely trying to use a Final Cut Library Manager license key. Both apps use a license key in this format: ABCD-EFGH-IJKL…, but an Arctic license key contains seven groups of characters while an FCLM license has around twenty.

Confirm you're trying to activate Arctic instead of Final Cut Library Manager, then activate Arctic using the corresponding license key.

If you can’t locate your license key for Arctic, you an look it up online in the Hedge License Manager.

How can I migrate my existing Final Cut Library Manager data to Arctic?

  1. Quit both Final Cut Library Manager and Arctic.

  2. In Finder, head to Go > Go to Folder... (or Shift-Command-G).

  3. In the dialog box that appears, copy/paste this path: ~/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Library Manager.

  4. Copy the contents of that Final Cut Library Manager folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Arctic.

How do I uninstall Final Cut Library Manager?

You don't need to remove Final Cut Library Manager before installing Arctic.

In Finder, drag-and-drop Final Cut Library from /Applications to the Trash, then empty your Trash.

To perform a comprehensive uninstall:

  1. Drag-and-drop Final Cut Library Manager from /Applications to AppCleaner then click Remove.

  2. In Finder, empty your Trash.

If needed, you can also use these steps to uninstall Arctic.

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