Although all previous releases are available here, not all are supported. Any version of Canister that is older than 1 year is unsupported and considered legacy. Chances are that a legacy version will work completely fine, but if you do run into trouble, please consider upgrading your license. Canister requires macOS 10.12 or newer.

Official support for MagStor drives, and more.
Canister 22.2.11 (Sep 19, 2022) - Download
  • Fixes an issue where sometimes Canister could not mount a fresh tape during spanning.
  • Tape name and serial weren't always added to a Transfer Log after a Transfer.
Canister 22.2.10 (Aug 10, 2022) - Download
  • Fixes an issue where Canister could not always fetch the LTO drive vendor.
Canister 22.2.9 (Aug 09, 2022) - Download
  • Improved handling of HBAs that don't work well with LTFS.
Canister 22.2.8 (July 27, 2022) - Download
  • Improved error handling for troublesome tapes.
  • For test purposes, skip all Preflight Checks using the cheatcode idkfa
Canister 22.2.7 (July 15, 2022) - Download
  • Retrieving files now doesn't preselect everything on a tape.
  • The transfer view now also shows the destination folder(s).
  • Added LTFS version to Transfer Logs
  • Improved handling for tapes with WRITE PERM errors
  • A bunch of small copy changes to improve your well being 😁
  • Detection of HBAs that do not support LTFS
  • Improved macFUSE update flow, for when other FUSE mounts are present.
  • Added legacy ATTO drivers for 10.14 and older macOS versions.
  • As all new FUSE versions work fine with LTFS, the FUSE check now only checks for a minimum version.
Canister 22.2.6 (June 28, 2022) - Download
  • Fixes an issue where Canister lost its state after hiding in the Dock (Thanks, Nick!)
  • Fix for endless cataloging after formatting a tape - thanks to Marty, Ryan, Steve, and Ray.
  • Cosmetic changes, most notably on the Next and Previous labels that were missing some pixels.
Canister 22.2.5 (June 22, 2022) - Download
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurs after checksum creation.
Canister 22.2.4 (May 24, 2022) - Download
  • Preflight Checks no longer requires ATTO drivers to be up to date all of the time.
Canister 22.2.3 (May 13, 2022) - Download
  • We finally got rid of that ugly Mount button 😄
Canister 22.2.2 (May 3, 2022) - Download
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when Ejecting a tape.
  • Improved the color of the progress bar during Verification.
Canister 22.2.1 (Apr 15, 2022) - Download
  • Workaround for the endless "Cleaning Up..." issue, caused by a bug in LTFS. We're still waiting on feedback from IBM and FUSE, but don't want to keep you waiting on a fix in LTFS.
  • New Verification Watchdog, resolving stalling verifications.
  • Empty tapes are no longer cataloged.
Canister 22.2 (Apr 12, 2022) - Download
  • Preflight Check results are now logged in the console.

Spanning allows you to archive more data than fits on a single tape. Canister will ask you to add another tape when the first is full, and continues doing so until all data is archived.
Canister 22.1.3 (Apr 8, 2022) - Download
  • Improvement for HP LTFS now requiring FUSE to be installed before anything else.
Canister 22.1.2 (Mar 22, 2022) - Download
  • Fix for a rare crash related to the Erase view.
Canister 22.1.1 (Feb 23, 2022) - Download
  • Activating Canister would sometimes show an incorrect Upgrade popup, that's fixed.
  • We also fixed a crash when Destinations space runs out during Retrieval.
Canister 22.1. (Feb 1, 2022) - Download

Meet Preflight Checks: each time Canister starts, it runs a full diagnostics of your LTO setup and points out what is missing or needs updating.
Canister 21.2.3 (January 26, 2022) - Download
  • Polish for some Preflight Checks.
Canister 21.2.2 (December 30, 2021) - Download
  • Support for archiving Macintosh HD system disks (including /Library folders). NB: restoring macOS directly from tape is not recommended.
Canister 21.2.1 (December 16, 2021) - Download
  • Support for new ATTO driver for Big Sur and more mTape serials.
Canister 21.2 (December 9, 2021) - Download

Canister gains Duplicate Detection, skipping files that already exist on tape. Files with identical names, but different sizes or modification dates will replace the existing file, keeping the original available as a hidden file.
Canister 21.1.10 (November 09, 2021) - Download
  • Fix for retrieving files with % in their filenames.
Canister 21.1.9 (October 07, 2021) - Download
  • Our license provider WyDay released a fix for the activation issue present in macOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. Major thanks to Hedge user Jochem for finding that workaround for them.
Canister 21.1.8 (July 27, 2021) - Download
  • Sometimes, the registration for trials didn't go as planned. All good now.
Canister 21.1.7 (July 22, 2021) - Download
  • Due to a regression in macFUSE, it's no longer allowed to use commas in tape names (Thanks, Jimmy!)
  • Some licensees that got their license through a partner are asked to enter their email so we know who you are in case you need help.
Canister 21.1.6 (July 02, 2021) — Download
  • Adds support for the new Quantum LTFS driver on M1.
Canister 21.1.5 (June 08, 2021) — Download
  • Fixes a bug where sometimes a folder in a tape's root couldn't be selected when archiving.
Canister 21.1.4 (March 26, 2021) — Download
  • Fixes a bug that sometimes occurred when mounting a Catalog (Thanks to Antoine).
Canister 21.1.3 (March 24, 2021) — Download
  • Fixes a crash that sometimes occurred when mounting a tape (Thanks to Max, Sam, and Justin).
  • Mounting, Indexing, and Cataloging stages are now visible in the interface when mounting a tape.
Canister 21.1.2 (March 01, 2021) — Download
  • Checks for the new ATTO drivers, as well as for SANLink and Arcsas.
  • Fixes few small bugs.
Canister 21.1.1 (February 19, 2021) — Download
  • Fixes a bug that caused the tape name to be NONAME (Thanks for reporting, Antoine and Brice).
  • Time Machine sidecar files (.com.apple.timemachine.donotpresent) are no longer archived.
  • The Transfer Log shows the destination root folder again.
  • Some text fields were stuck in dark mode. That's fixed.
Canister 21.1 (February 12, 2021) — Download
  • Canister gains Duplicate Detection, skipping files that already exist on tape.
  • Files with identical names, but different sizes or modification dates will replace the existing file, keeping the original available as a hidden file.
  • A brand new icon 🎉
  • Sharing the Console and System Info with us works again.
  • Retrieving is again done alphabetically.
  • Proper depicting of the source name instead of always showing the volume name.
  • Added an 'Already Transferred' state when a transfer doesn't contain new files.
  • Selecting a Destination Folder now shows the correct tape name.

Canister 20.2.4 (December 21, 2020) - Download
  • Added support for Fuse 4.
Canister 20.2.3 (November 10 9, 2020) - Download
  • Added support for Big Sur.
Canister 20.2.2 (November 03, 2020) - Download
  • Added support (and a logo) for mLogic users.
Canister 20.2.1 (October 16, 2020) - Download
  • This update makes Archiving for Discovery Channel a cinch. Simply add a metadata.xml to the root of the folder you want to Archive, and Canister will do the rest.
Canister 20.2 (August 19, 2020) - Download
  • This update of Canister comes with a lot of goodness.
  • This update uses a new licensing system, to allow for easier activation management. More on this soon!

Canister 20.1 (February 25, 2020) - Download
  • Canister now detects when a tape is empty or unformatted, offering you the option to format, and also provides more feedback about drive-related errors.
  • The console has much more output, and timestamps. Timestamps, good.
  • Creating a new destination folder when archiving could sometimes result in Canister ignoring it. We found and fixed this thanks to Antoine 🙏
  • El Capitan users reported problems when browsing a tape and not being able to resize the browser. Fixed.
  • Canister handles drives that are disconnected during a transfer more gracefully.

Canister 19.1 (July 11, 2019) - Download
  • v19.1 is here, with a bunch of improvements. We've done some major work under the hood, preparing for new features.
  • Duplicate Detection is much, much faster now.
  • File sequences are written sequentially to tape, speeding up retrievals.
  • Indexing large sources doesn’t result in spinning beachballs.
  • Huge transfers take up a lot less RAM than they used to.
  • When quitting all mounted tapes are now ejected making sure indexes are up to date.
  • Force-quitting the app doesn't affect tape indexes (Thanks to Håvard and André!)

Canister 18.1.5 (November 30, 2018) - Download
  • Canister 18.1.5 contains some small bug fixes. Thanks for reporting all!
Canister 18.1.4 (September 18, 2018) - Download
  • Canister now mounts a tape right after erasing/formatting it, so you can start archiving straight away 🚀
  • Improved support for extended attributes, aliases, and bundles.
  • Canister sometimes crashed on quit. Fixed!
Canister 18.1.3 (November 06, 2018)
  • MLU update
Canister 18.1.2 (October 23, 2018) - Download
  • Canister now mounts a tape right after erasing/formatting it, so you can start archiving straight away 🚀
  • Some Tandberg owners reported that Canister had trouble installing the correct drivers for their machine. Fixed!
Canister 18.1.1 (October 03, 2018) - Download
  • You can share your System Information with Support (in case you run into trouble and would like our help).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when you tried to create a Transfer Log file for an empty transfer (thanks, Skip!)
Canister 18.1 (September 18, 2018) - Download
  • We're officially live 🎉
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