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Why can't I activate EditReady?

Legacy EditReady versions (2.72 and older) use a different key format than EditReady 22.1 and newer.

  • EditReady 22.1 and newer - ABCD-EFGH-IJKL...

  • EditReady 2.72 and older - MNOPQRST...

First, verify you're using the desired version of EditReady with the appropriate license key (EditReady > About EditReady). Then activate EditReady accordingly.

How do I know which version of EditReady I can use with my license key?

If you purchased EditReady after February 1, 2022, you can use the Hedge License Manager to look up your EditReady license key (version 22.1 or newer).

Otherwise, you likely purchased a legacy EditReady before Divergent Media was acquired by Hedge. You can look up your legacy EditReady license key at Divergent Media's old website:

How can I upgrade my legacy EditReady license key to the new EditReady?

  1. Locate your legacy EditReady license key in your email, or online.

  2. Download and install the most recent version of EditReady:

  3. Launch EditReady, then click Activate...

  4. Copy/paste your legacy EditReady license key in the Activation number field, click Activate, then click Buy upgrade...

  5. A personal discount code will be applied. Complete the checkout, and you'll receive a new license key for the latest version of EditReady.

Your legacy EditReady license key cannot be used to activate EditReady 22.1 and newer.

  1. Activate EditReady with that new license key.

I'm not ready to upgrade EditReady yet. Can I use an older version for now?

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