Tape Library Manager

Tape Library Manager requires a Pro License, and is currently only available on macOS.

From 24.2, it's possible to manage library inventory without leaving the Canister interface - simply drag and drop between your Drive, tape slots, and Mail Slot.

Mail Slots

Most Tape Libraries feature at least one Mail Slot. A Mail Slot allows tapes to be removed and transported without powering down the device. For convenience, Canister's Tape Library Manager shows Mail Slots alongside regular tape slots.

Hardware Support

Canister doesn't currently support multi-drive tape libraries.

Tape Library Manager is validated for use with the following models:

As most libraries are using the same underlying hardware from BDT, there's a good chance tape libraries from other vendors work just as well with Canister. Feel free to reach out when in doubt, or if you'd like to share that your variety of tape library also works.

HPE tape libraries are not (yet) supported.

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