Need help?

Occasionally, LTFS or your drive will have a bad day. If so, licenses that are eligible for updates and support will be presented with a Contact Support button, effectively giving you a hotline to the Canister Support team.
Alternatively, you can reach out to use anything using the Contact Support option in the Help menu:
In both cases, you'll be prompted to tell us what you're running into. All required support files, like Canister's console, are automatically sent along with your request.


Sometimes, the above won't suffice. In such a case we ask you to send us all forensic data. These files are only used for your issue, and deleted afterwards.
In Terminal, copy/paste this one-line command and hit enter to generate a CanisterForensics.zip file on your Desktop:
zip -ATrq ~/Desktop/CanisterForensics.zip ~/Library/Application\ Support/Canister/.ConsoleHistory ~/Library/Application\ Support/Canister/Transfer\ Logs ~/Library/Application\ Support/Canister/Warning\ Logs
Send us the resulting file, and we'll be able to piece together your LTO history.

Last modified 1mo ago