Default File Handler

Occasionally, EditReady might become set as the default file handler for some types of video files. That means when you double-click on a file (like an MP4), it opens in EditReady instead of QuickTime Player.

To correct that, follow these steps.

  1. Highlight any movie file in Finder.

  2. Press Command-i on your keyboard.

  3. In the Open with: section, select "QuickTime Player".

  4. Click Change All...

Errors During Conversion

If you run into an issue during conversion, begin by confirming that your files play correctly in another application. QuickTime Player or VLC are good general purpose players, but for RAW formats you may need to use a special player from your camera vendor. If your files don't play correctly, they may have been corrupted at some point during your workflow. If possible, re-copy the files from your source media.

Some issues may be caused by invalid output destinations. To test whether this is the case, try setting the Dest Folder option to your Desktop. You can also try moving your source media to your Desktop to rule out any external or network storage issues.

Transcoding directly from SD cards can be especially problematic, as SD cards can generate errors during the types of sustained reads from transcoding operations.

MXF, HDV (M2T), and AVCHD (MTS) Files

You can test whether your MXF or AVCHD/HDV (MTS/M2T) file is valid by trying to play it with the free video players like:

If the file plays in one of these apps, but won't open or convert in EditReady, reach out:

Can I use EditReady to create dailies/rushes for Media Composer?

Yes. A step-by-step guide is available here:

How can EditReady prep my source media for immediate use in Media Composer?

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