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OffShoot's iconik integration automatically generates iconik sidecar files for transferred clips.


Use the iconik Storage Gateway app to connect your on-premise storage with iconik in the cloud.


First, enable the integration:
  • Settings > Integrations
Next, specify which Destination and file extensions OffShoot will use to include in your iconik sidecars.

"For transfers where Destination matches:"

List one or more Destinations that OffShoot will create your iconik sidecars on. If you don't specify a Destination, sidecar files are created on all Destinations.
There are two ways to specify a Destination:
  1. 1.
    By volume name, e.g. RAID
  2. 2.
    By folder path. Use wildcards (*) for more flexibility, e.g. */proxies
Add multiple Destinations by separating them with a semicolon:
Backup 1;Backup 2;Backup 3

"Add clips when file extension matches:"

Adding file extensions narrows down which files OffShoot will include in your iconik sidecars.
Add multiple extensions by separating them with a semicolon:
Include Elements:
Finally, tell OffShoot which Elements to include in your iconik sidecars:
{Source Name}{Location}{Shoot date}
File elements (e.g. {Filename}, {File extension}, etc.) are currently unsupported. OffShoot will ignore any unknown Elements during sidecar generation.


Email [email protected] if you're interested in an OffShoot Pro license, or check out all of its pro features here.
OffShoot Pro users can define preset-specific iconik settings as follows:
"iconikSidecarElements" : [ "{ProjectID}", "{Project}", "{Season}", "{Date}", "{Camera}", "{Card}", "{Type}" ],
"iconikSidecarExtensions" : [".R3D",".MOV"],
"iconikSidecarDestinations" : ["Backup 1","Backup 2"]
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