Getting Started

Clips can be added to EditReady by selecting Open under the File menu, or by dragging clips into the EditReady window. Your clips will appear with thumbnails in the EditReady window. You may toggle between List View and Thumbnail view using the selector in the toolbar.

If you'd like to convert all of your clips, simply click the Convert All button on the right. If you'd only like to convert some clips, you can select them by clicking the flag icon (or selecting Flag Clip from the Clip menu). Then click Convert Flagged.

EditReady includes a variety of presets for popular editing formats like ProRes and DNxHD. You can customize these further by creating custom presets.

Regardless of the preset you select, you have the option of adjusting the destination folder and destination file name. See Naming your Files for details.

Multiple Windows

You can open multiple windows by selecting New Window from the File menu. This allows you to easily queue different batches, with different settings.

Monitoring Progress

After starting a batch, the sidebar will toggle to the Progress tab, which will show you progress information for each clip. The top of the EditReady window will show you progress information for the overall batch (or batches).

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