Media files come in a number of different "wrappers," which define how data is stored. Common wrapper formats include MOV, MP4, MXF, and MTS.

Can any media be rewrapped?

Some video codecs can only exist within certain wrappers. And some wrappers only support certain video codecs. For example, MOV files can contain main historical codecs that are no longer in use, whereas MXF files are limited to a smaller, more modern set of codecs.

Is rewrapping lossless?

Yes, rewrapping does not decompress or recompress your video data. The default rewrap setting in EditReady does decompress your audio to a lossless (LPCM) format. Many editing applications don't deal well with compressed audio, so this makes your rewraps more broadly compatible. If you want to maintain your source audio in its compressed format, you can make a custom preset with Passthrough for both audio and video.

Can I rewrap AVC-Intra footage from MXF to MOV?

One thing to be aware of is that not all NLEs can handle all video codecs in all wrappers. When it comes to AVC-Intra in particular, the Adobe applications (like Premiere Pro) tend to work better with MXF than with MOV. Applications like Final Cut Pro tend to work fine with AVC-Intra rewrapped into MOV.

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