ScopeBox 4 runs on macOS 12 and newer and requires Metal. For older systems, use the now legacy ScopeBox 3.

ScopeBox 4

ScopeBox 4.4 (May 14, 2024) - Download

  • Adds support for playing RAW media from new Sony BURANO, RED V Raptor [X], and more

  • Fixes possible crash opening HML palette

  • Fixes possible crash applying source LUT

  • Improves stability and speed

ScopeBox 4.3.1 (Nov 30, 2023) - Download

  • Fixes functionality related to colorized scopes

  • Restores interface for RGB Parade "overlay" layout

  • Fixes crashes when working with AVFoundation sources

ScopeBox 4.3 (Nov 7, 2023) - Download

  • Support for a lot of new codecs: RED, ARRIRAW, Phantom CineRAW, Sony X-OCN, and CanonRAW

  • New looping option for movie sources

  • New fine grained control of source video levels

  • Support for HDR monitoring from Final Cut Pro via ScopeLink

  • Cleaner more modern UI, and a new icon

  • Improved support for Blackmagic ATEM and USB video sources

  • Fix for a ScopeLink bug particular to Final Cut Pro playback on Apple silicon

  • ScopeBox 4.3 requires MacOS 12 or later. For earlier versions of MacOS, please download ScopeBox 4.2, below.

Scopebox 4.2 (Feb 8, 2022) - Download

  • Updates Assimilate ScopeLink plugin for Scratch 9.4

  • Updates Adobe ScopeLink transmit plugin for CC22

  • HLG EOTF fix for CIE plot

  • Fix timeline overlays when zooming

ScopeBox 4.1 - Download

ScopeBox 4.0.9 - Download

ScopeBox 3

ScopeBox 3.5.6 - Download

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