Stop & Resume

Need to stop a transfer? Did a transfer fail? You can stop and resume transfers in OffShoot at your convenience.


  • OffShoot 24.1

How to use

  • When a transfer is running, stop it with the Stop button.

  • Once stopped, you can resume the transfer with the Resume button.

    • You can also resume Failed transfers, or transfers that report Completed with warnings.

When the destination connection is suddenly lost, OffShoot can't write Transfer logs and (ASC)MHL files on that destination. However, OffShoot will write a local transfer log, which is available in OffShoot > Window > Transfer Log.

Depending on the destination drive and filesystem used, transferred folders and/or files might be missing, incomplete, or show as zero-byte files. Before resuming, make sure to remove any incomplete or zero-byte files from the destination (or all files when a full (ASC)MHL is needed).

When resuming:

  • OffShoot will ensure the correct Source is resumed by comparing the Source index.

  • Partially copied files or files OffShoot did not successfully verify are removed from the destination and transferred again.

  • Changing OffShoot's global application settings will effect restarted transfers. Only Organize, Checkpoint, and MHL-related settings are retained for each transfer.

  • OffShoot will resume by restarting the transfer and skipping files that are already on the destination based on Duplicate Detect rules.


  • Resuming a transfer will result in a new Transfer Log and new (ASC)MHL files containing the newly transferred files.

  • Resuming a partially copied/verified file is not possible.

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