When I try to activate FoolCat (licensed or a trial), why am I told, โ€œNo virtual machine activations allowed.โ€?

This only concerns Windows users.

Running FoolCat in a VM is a Pro feature.

If you see this error when activating a trial, you're running FoolCat in a VM, or a Hypervisor process must be active in Windows.

If you see this error when activating a purchased license, you have a regular license or a Pro license that needs VM activations allowed on your license.

A step-by-step guide for disabling any-and-all Hypervisor (Hyper-V) and Virtual Machine features on your PC is available here:

pageVMs & Hypervisors

If you have a regular license and need VM activations, upgrade your license in the License Manager, then reach out.

Already on a Pro license? Reach out.

FoolCat states error -1004

You're likely on an old version of FoolCat, update to the latest version.

"Invalid activation number"

You're likely trying to activate FoolCat using a legacy license key. Legacy license keys start with id or only have a few characters. Upgrade your license, or download a legacy version.

FoolCat states "Starting Services"

This issue is fixed in FoolCat version 23.1 and newer.

FoolCat's media engine isn't starting correctly. Reboot your computer, and if that doesn't help, reinstall FoolCat.

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