When I try to activate Foolcat (licensed or a trial), why am I told, “No virtual machine activations allowed.”?

This only concerns Windows users.
Running Foolcat in a VM is a Pro feature.
If you see this error when activating a trial, you're running Foolcat in a VM, or a Hypervisor process must be active in Windows.
If you see this error when activating a purchased license, you have a regular license or a Pro license that needs VM activations allowed on your license.
A step-by-step guide for disabling any-and-all Hypervisor (Hyper-V) and Virtual Machine features on your PC is available here:
If you have a regular license and need VM activations, upgrade your license in the License Manager, then reach out.
Already on a Pro license? Reach out.

Foolcat states error -1004

You're likely on an old version of Foolcat, update to the latest version.

"Invalid activation number"

You're likely trying to activate Foolcat using a legacy license key. Legacy license keys start with id or only have a few characters. Upgrade your license, or download a legacy version.

Foolcat states "Starting Services"

Foolcat's media engine isn't starting properly. Reboot your computer, and if that doesn't help, reinstall Foolcat.
Starting Services