Welcome to the documentation for Hedge, EditReady, Scopebox, Foolcat, Canister, Connect, and Postlab.
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Don't let this be you 😁
We offer great customer support, so please make use of it and reach out if you're stuck.

Support Hours

We're open for support on weekdays for quite a wide range of hours. You can email us about anything 24/7, and you'll likely get a fast reply if it's between 9 AM CET and 6 PM ET.
If your question takes a bit more time than an immediate reply due to investigating or the need for a specific team member, we'll let you know. Our response time is typically under an hour, with 90% of emails responded to within minutes.
By extension, that means you will not receive a reply between 6 PM ET (midnight CET, 3 PM PT) and 9 AM CET. No need to send us reminders during those hours; we'll be sleeping. Rest assured, you'll receive our attention first thing in the (European) morning.
During weekends, we monitor our inboxes but only handle requests that are blocking; issues preventing you from working, such as being unable to log in, license keys not received, etc. Also, we can't guarantee response times will be within an hour. Note: weekend support is a courtesy, not a privilege.
If you run into an issue during the weekend, be sure to check the documentation first. All other emails are snoozed until Monday morning CET - then you'll be the first.
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