Beta Track

From time to time, we release a beta to test new features.

Currently, there's no active Beta Track.

Beta Download

As always, do not use Beta software for everyday work - it's not production-ready!

The PostLab Beta requires a license key. If you don't already are a PostLab customer, qualified beta users will find one in the Beta invite email. Check your inbox or the License Manager for your key.


Obviously, we’d love to hear what you encounter while using the PostLab Beta. Most importantly, we’d like to hear about what doesn’t work, and if there’s anything that’s hard to understand or use.

If something in PostLab Beta isn’t working as expected, create a set of logs – Help > Collect Logs for support – then upload those to us with some details in the Send Feedback form.

When in doubt, click Send Feedback in PostLab Beta.

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