Supported Formats

FoolCat aims to support any file in a QuickTime or MXF wrapper plus a wide range of vendor-specific formats, including many RAW codecs:

  • ProRes

  • DNxHD

  • DNxHR

  • DVCProHD

  • H.264

  • H.265 (HEVC)

  • Apple Intermediate

  • Blackmagic RAW (BRAW)

  • RED R3D


  • Codex ARRIRAW

  • Codex HDE*

  • Sony RAW

  • Sony X-OCN

  • Canon RAW

  • Phantom CineRAW

*ARRI Alexa 35 HDE MXFs are not supported.

FoolCat's fully functional trial generates a report on up to 5 clips so you can quickly see which metadata FoolCat reports based on your source files.

Let us know if you need support for a specific camera or codec that isn't currently supported.

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