ZCAM video stitcher

How to use

This script is made purposely for ZCAM S1 360° VR cameras. It has 4 lenses that record on 4 separate cards. To be able to stitch the clips in an NLE, they need to be reorganized into a folder structure with a separate folder per take.

Clip naming convention: ZCAM2300_0001_201811251455

  • ZCAM = brand

  • 2300 = reel

  • 0001 = lens nr

  • 201811251455 = timestamp

This script reorganizes all clips from all lenses (0001 to 0004) into folders named [timestamp]_[zcam-reel]. It can be used standalone or with OffShoot's File Copy Completed event.

With OffShoot

  1. Add the script to File Copy Completed event in Hedge's Settings > Scripting panel.

  2. When a transfer completes the script runs, checks if the transfer was successful, and looks for ZCAM files.

  3. When found, moves them to transfer destination root.

Without OffShoot

  1. Run the script from the script edit app.

  2. Select a folder to scan for ZCAM files

  3. Select a location for the "_ready for stitching" folder


Edit the following parameters inside the script, if needed:

set createStitchFolderWithName to "_ready for stitching" -- leave empty when there should be no folder made
set showStartConfirmationInHedge to false -- when running from Hedge show a confirmation popup before starting
set customStitchFolderLocation to true -- when running stand alone shows a location picker, otherwise its the same as folder to scan
set showProgressNotifications to true -- not sure when you would ever set this to false :-)


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