HML Balance

The HML Balance palette can be thought of as three distinct vectorscopes, displaying information about the "high," "mid," and "low" components of your signal. This can be helpful for identifying color casts in specific luminance regions of your image, like shadows or highlights.

Because the crosspoints between the three vectorscopes are configurable, this palette can be filtered in a variety of ways to allow you to focus on just one component of your signal.

Many of the controls are similar to those found on the vectorscope, but there are some HML-specific controls as well.



The Zoom control is a variable zoom, allowing you scale up the scopes to see even the most minute detail. Keep in mind that with an 8-bit signal, the amount of resolution available in the display is inherently very limited.

Luma Threshold

The "low" and "high" values act as low- and high-pass filters, respectively. Everything below the value entered in the "low" field will be displayed on the low scope, everything above the value entered in the "high" field will be displayed in the high scope, and everything in between will be drawn in the mid scope.

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