Mimiq enables Bin Locking for non-Avid storage. It's a standalone app for teams working with Avid Media Composer, enabling Shared Project workflows on:
  • SMB, AFP, and NFS file shares in your local area network. (AFP available in Mimiq Pro)
  • FUSE-based volumes, such as Postlab's Drive and LucidLink Filespaces (Available in Mimiq Pro)
With Mimiq, Media Composer recognizes these volumes as third-party shared storage so teams of Avid editors can work together using Shared Bins with Bin Locking in Shared Projects.

Mimiq Pro

Mimiq Pro enables remote and hybrid Shared Projects workflows by letting you use FUSE-based volumes (such as Postlab's Drive and LucidLink Filespaces) alongside SMB or NFS file shares on your local area network.
Mimiq Pro also supports AFP, Apple's deprecated network protocol. If you have a NAS that uses AFP, switching over to SMB isn't always possible due to Avid's requirements. In such a case, Mimiq Pro will activate bin locking on your AFP shares, allowing for a gentle migration in the future.

Avid Requirements

Independent from Mimiq, Avid has set very specific requirements for Media Composer to be used successfully. If you haven't done so already, be sure to implement these Requirements for Media Composer on each computer: