Foolcat 21.2

    Updated Blackmagic RAW SKD, adds gen 5 color science support (BRAW 2.1)
    Updated RED RAW SKD, adds support for Komodo Anamorphic.

Foolcat 21.1

    Set a Label, and it shows up as your Report Name.
    Report now detect reels and show the reel's folder and file path for every clip (Thanks for suggesting, all).
    The filenames of generated stills now use the original filename + timestamp (Thanks for suggesting, Jeff).

Foolcat 20.4

    Change the Report name by adding a Label, just like in Hedge
    Don't want Foolcat to group PDFs? Prefer the old style? Just uncheck the new 'Group PDFs' option in Preferences.
    Need direct access to the generated stills?
    The Report Data folder is now no longer hidden. The 'Go to Report' menu item has been moved to the Window menu and has a shortcut: Command-Shift-R

Foolcat 20.3

    Added support for RED Komodo camera (R3D SDK V7.3.4)

Foolcat 20.2

    Camera metadata for RED / ARRI / Blackmagic cameras.
    RED sequences now show up as one clip.
    Support for Codex HDE .arx files.
    Support for ARRI RAW .mxf files.
    New PDF dark mode and landscape orientation.
    Thumbnail offset for the last frame.

Foolcat 20.1

    A brand new version for Mac and Windows.
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