Foolcat 21.2

  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SKD, adds gen 5 color science support (BRAW 2.1)
  • Updated RED RAW SKD, adds support for Komodo Anamorphic.

Foolcat 21.1

  • Set a Label, and it shows up as your Report Name.
  • Report now detect reels and show the reel's folder and file path for every clip (Thanks for suggesting, all).
  • The filenames of generated stills now use the original filename + timestamp (Thanks for suggesting, Jeff).

Foolcat 20.4

  • Change the Report name by adding a Label, just like in Hedge
  • Don't want Foolcat to group PDFs? Prefer the old style? Just uncheck the new 'Group PDFs' option in Preferences.
  • Need direct access to the generated stills?
  • The Report Data folder is now no longer hidden. The 'Go to Report' menu item has been moved to the Window menu and has a shortcut: Command-Shift-R

Foolcat 20.3

  • Added support for RED Komodo camera (R3D SDK V7.3.4)

Foolcat 20.2

  • Camera metadata for RED / ARRI / Blackmagic cameras.
  • RED sequences now show up as one clip.
  • Support for Codex HDE .arx files.
  • Support for ARRI RAW .mxf files.
  • New PDF dark mode and landscape orientation.
  • Thumbnail offset for the last frame.

Foolcat 20.1

  • A brand new version of Foolcat, for both Mac and Windows.

Legacy Downloads

Foolcat 6 - Download
Foolcat 5 - Download