Color Conversion

FoolCat can apply a custom look (LUT) to the stills in your reports. Alternatively, you can set FoolCat to convert RAW footage to Rec.709 color space automatically.

When Color Conversion is enabled, the settings used will be shown in the report header.


  • FoolCat 24.1 or newer

  • A LUT in the 3D .cube format (33x33x33)

How to use

  1. Go to Settings > Color Conversion.

  2. Click Manage LUTs to open the LUTs folder location in Finder/Explorer.

  3. Copy your LUT files to this location.

  4. Go back to FoolCat and choose your LUT from the dropdown.

    • Alternatively, choose Convert RAW to Rec.709 to automatically convert RAW footage to Rec.709 colorspace. (Currently only available in FoolCat for Mac)

FoolCat supports LUTs in the 3D .cube format (33x33x33).

Convert RAW to Rec.709

When Convert RAW to Rec.709 is enabled, FoolCat automatically detects and converts RAW clips shot in Log colorspace to Rec.709 colorspace. FoolCat performs the conversion based on the clip’s colorspace metadata and will ignore any viewing or creative LUTs encoded within the clip.

The Convert RAW to Rec.709 feature is currently only available in FoolCat for Mac.

Supported formats


  • RED

  • SONY RAW (Mac only)



  • BRAW

  • ProRes RAW

Convert RAW to Rec.709 also works with some mxf and mov files, but not all (in which case, they will stay in their original colorspace). Use this feature at your discretion with mxf and mov files. Reach out if you encounter any issues.

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