Palette Overview

Working with Palettes

ScopeBox displays all content in flexible palettes within the palette region of the ScopeBox window. The settings for each palette are displayed in the sidebar on the right side of the ScopeBox window whenever a palette is selected.

You may add multiple copies of each palette, each with its own settings. For example, you may choose to open a preview palette for each of your sources, and you may choose to also multiple preview palettes for a single source, each with distinct settings.

Adding Palettes

To add new palettes, select the desired palette type from the Palettes menu or right click on the background of the ScopeBox window or on the source palette.

Closing Palettes

To close a palette, click the "x" in the upper left corner or hit the delete key while the palette is selected. You may also right click palette and select "close."

Moving Palettes

Click and drag to move a palette to the desired position. You can also use the arrows keys for very precise positioning of a selected palette.

If you wish to organize your palettes with more precision, you can "Enable Snapping" in the "View" menu. This will constrain your palette's movement and re-sizing to an internal grid, allowing you to easily line up multiple palettes.

Resizing Palettes

Click and drag on the lower right corner to resize a palette.

Soloing Palettes

Soloing a palette allows you to temporarily hide all other palettes and focus your attention on the selected palette re-sized full screen. You can activate a palette's soloing by choosing Solo Palette from the View menu, by right clicking on the palettes.

Switching Sources

When you have multiple source open, you may adjust which source a palette is previewing by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper right, and then selecting a source by clicking on it.

Common Settings

Some settings are shared among many palettes. They are detailed in this section.


When in weighted mode, the intensity slider adjusts the brightness of the scope. By changing this value, you adjust the visibility of areas of low pixel concentration.


The color of the graticules and traces can be set in the application preferences, available under the "ScopeBox" menu.

Feature Insights

Feature Insights let you select just a portion of your image or signal to focus on. Once you enable a feature insight, your scopes and preview will all highlight the relevant portion of your signal. To set a feature insight, hold the option key and then click and drag on a palette to select a portion of the image or signal. You can reset your feature insights using the view menu.

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