Get the most out of your ProGrade media, with Health Check and Sanitize. Keep track of the remaining lifespan of your media cards by periodically doing a Health Check. Regularly sanitizing your media ensures your cards perform at their maximum capabilities.

Read all about this feature on our blog โ€“ย Hedge & ProGrade.


  • Sanitize: Hedge 23.1 or newer / OffShoot 23.2 or newer

  • Health Check: OffShoot 23.3 or newer

  • ProGrade media (with R present on the label)

  • ProGrade card reader

Not all cards support sanitizing; Check for the R logo on the label.

This integration is incompatible with the PG04 reader, or the CFexpress Type A card.

You'll find the Check Health... and Sanitize options in the hamburger menu for ProGrade disks set as a Destination.

Health Check

Check Health... determines whether the memory card is healthy, should be used cautiously, or replaced.


While sanitizing, your media will disappear from the Disks view. After sanitizing, OffShoot will rename the media to PROGRADE and label it as New.

Sanitizing will permanently erase all data stored on it. You cannot undo this action.

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