RGB Histogram

The RGB Histogram displays the intensity of the Red, Green and Blue signals. Similar to the Luma Histogram, the leftmost column is the lowest intensity and the rightmost is the highest intensity.

The RGB histogram is particularly useful when working with chroma key shots. The key color should be as even as possible for clean keying. Doing so produces a very tight clump of long bars rather than a wider clump of short bars.



The layout control allows you to adjust whether you're viewing the individual R, G, and B components separately, or overlayed as a single composite.


The RGB Histogram can be toggled between "log" and "linear" scaling. In log mode, each horizontal graticule represents an order of magnitude - 10, 100, 1000 and so on. This means that even levels with relatively low frequency within your signal will be easily visible within the palette.

Linear scaling causes the vertical axis to be scaled to the height of the most populated intensity for a given channel.

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