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EditReady has two levels of automation:
  • EditReady Pro: callback URLs
  • EditReady Server: headless CLI

Callback URLs

You can tell EditReady to do something by calling this URL – editready://. You can call this from any app or script that can open an URL.


  • EditReady 22.4 or newer

Using a browser

Copy/paste the URL below in a web browser, press Enter, and EditReady will open.

Using a shell

Copy/paste the command below in a shell, press Enter, and EditReady will open.
open 'EditReady://open'


• Add

Adds a file or folder to the clip view.
editready://add?sourcePath=<file or folder path>

• Transcode

Transcodes a file or folder (also adds the file to the clip view).
editready://transcode?sourcePath=<file or folder path>&preset=<preset name / path or UUID>&destinationPath=<folder path>
EditReady stores its preset files inside the app bundle with a .erpreset file extension. (e.g. /Applications/EditReady.app/Contents/Resources/Apple ProRes 422 (HQ).erpreset)in
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