ScopeLink is a powerful tool for connecting professional video applications with ScopeBox.

If ScopeLink isn't working, reboot your computer.

  • ScopeLink involves a background task that bridges your third-party app with ScopeBox.

  • Also, after a ScopeBox update, rebooting your computer ensures ScopeLink will run properly.

Alert on Launch

After upgrading ScopeBox, you may see a warning window related to "com.divergentmedia.scopelinkserver". It's safe to just click "Open Anyway". This should be a one-time warning.

Follow these steps to reliably establish a ScopeLink connection:

  1. Launch ScopeBox.

  2. Add your ScopeLink source (e.g. Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve).

  3. Launch your third-party application.

  4. Follow the setup steps to enable ScopeLink.

  5. Play video for at least 10 seconds.

If you're using Premiere Pro, it often helps to make a new Timeline, add a single Clip to it, then play it back. This forces Premiere Pro to clear its caches, which often resolves ScopeLink issues.

Reinstalling ScopeLink will repair any damaged components.

With ScopeBox running:

  1. Hold the Option key on your keyboard and click the ScopeBox menu.

  2. Select Install Additional Software and step through the installer.

  3. When installation is complete, reboot your computer, then follow these steps to launch a Scopelink connection.

If All Else Fails...

Use the in-app link in the upper-right corner to contact us, or reach out:

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