EditReady Server 24.2 (May 07, 2024) - Download

  • Use display names for metadata keys with the new --normalizeMetadataKeys flag

  • Support for the new RED V-Raptor [X] camera

  • Support for the new Sony BURANO camera

  • Improved processing of ARRI RAW clips

  • Updated Camera SDKs (ARRI v8.2 / RED v8.5.1 / SONY v5.0 / BRAW v3.6.1)


  • ProRes RAW footage from an Atomos Ninja recorder was being processed incorrectly, that’s Fixed.

  • Some ARRI RAW clips showed an incorrect Pixel Aspect Ratio, that’s fixed too.

EditReady Server 23.2.2 (November 30, 2023) - Download

  • Fixes crash when thumbnailing spanned RED clips.

  • Fixes crash exporting metadata JSON of corrupt clips with bad timing data.

EditReady Server 23.2.1 (August 7, 2023) - Download

  • Adds new clipIndexer (-i) flag - creates json with results of directory parsing and clip span detection

  • Improves R3D decode speeds

  • Improves ProRes speeds when scaling

  • Supports Presets containing the new mirror source option

  • Fixes color rendering of thumbs and proxies from HLG source media

  • Fixes crash transcoding new BRAW media containing timed metadata

  • Supports ARRIRaw firmware 1.1 source files

  • Fixes crash parsing GoPro spans

  • Strips whitespace and bad character padding from serials when registering from commandline

  • Fixes rare hang batch decoding h264 content

  • Fixes crash thumb-nailing clips with no video track

  • Properly applies pixel aspect ratio metadata from ARRIRaw files in both thumbs and transcodes

  • Other changes to improve stability and performance

EditReady Server 23.2 (May 11, 2023) - Download

  • New JSON metadata format (use .json extension on -m path to trigger), XML to be deprecated

  • Support for multiple source files (-s) in a single invocation, allowing for batch processing

  • Removes old CLI flags like showUserInterface, ignoreWarnings, filterFile

  • Fix for a crash when falling back to ffmpeg for thumbnail decompression

  • Supports 10bit HEVC output

  • Additional technical metadata for Sony X-OCN, Canon CRM, ARRI S35

  • Improved argument prechecking

  • Many improvements to prevent hangs on still generation caused by bad inputs and files

EditReady Server 23.1 (February 9, 2023) - Download

  • First release 🎉

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