Audio Meters

The Audio Meter displays the level of the audio signal in dBFS. It provides both an instant meter and an averaging peak meter. Every spike is displayed, even if very brief.


Channel Count

By default the Audio Meter will show all channels currently reported by a source. However, many devices report a fixed number of output channels, which can waste valuable screen space displaying empty channels. If your capture device always sends eight channels to ScopeBox, but you are only using two, you can set channel count to 2 to only present the first two channels.


Different source formats require different peak audio levels. This level is often referred to as Unity. When working with bars and tone, or when trying to set your mic volumes at the proper levels, you want to know exactly where unity lies in the Audio Meter. ScopeBox provides a set of Scale markers for each of the three major unity levels found on professional video devices -12, -14 and -20 dB.

Peak Hold

This shows you the highest level achieved since the peak hold was reset. Click the "reset peaks" button at any time to reset this value.

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