Joining Files

There are a number of ways in which EditReady can join media, depending on the type of source you're working with.

Manually Joining Files

To manually join files, select the files you wish to join within EditReady, then select Join from the Clip menu. You may also split joins using the Split command in that menu.

EditReady will only allow you to join media if the files all have the same frame size and framerate. If there's a mismatch, the Join menu option will be disabled.


EditReady will automatically join files that follow the standard GoPro naming conventions.


AVCHD and HDV cameras and direct-to-disk recorders automatically split long recordings across multiple files. This split happens at a low level, so the files need to be recombined before they're converted. If you add the root AVCHD folder from a card, or a set of HDV files with a known naming scheme, EditReady will automatically join them.

If you only have the MTS files, without the rest of the card metadata, you may still manually join the files. EditReady will attempt to detect whether the files are from a consecutive group, and will take the appropriate action to join them.

MXF Files

Most cameras that work with the MXF format do not have limited file sizes. However, some Canon cameras do split long recordings across multiple files. In these cases, EditReady will attempt to automatically join the files.

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