Custom Presets

EditReady is an integral part of a post-production workflow. To make the usage even more seamless, you can create custom presets that match your workflow needs. Begin by selecting the Custom preset in the preset dropdown.

Video Format

EditReady allows you convert to Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, and H.264. You may also choose to pass the input video directly to the output file (using the Passthrough option). This is helpful if you only need to adjust the audio track or metadata of your file.

Apple ProRes

Apple ProRes is a popular editing format, whether you're working with Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

EditReady allows you to choose from five different ProRes options: ProRes 422, 422 HQ, 422 LT, 422 Proxy, and 4444. The "right" choice will be different for each workflow. But, in general, if your source is already compressed (e.g. an h264 file from a GoPro camera), the standard ProRes 422 file will be fine.

Avid DNxHD

DNxHD is a popular editing format for workflows involving the Avid ecosystem. EditReady provides three DNxHD choices: Low, Medium, and High.

These choices may be confusing if you're used to seeing DNxHD listed with a variety of bitrates. EditReady selects the correct bitrate automatically, based on your input file's resolution and framerate.

For example, if your source is 1920x1080i60, the Low, Medium, and High settings correspond to DNxHD 100, 145 and 220, respectively. For a 1920x1080p24 file, the bitrates are 36, 80 and 176.

If you'd like to see a full chart of the bitrates used by DNxHD, take a look at the DNxHD whitepaper from Avid.

Avid DNxHR

Avid DNxHR is designed for larger-than-HD sources, like 2k and 4k. EditReady suppots DNxHR, but you'll need to create a custom preset in order to use it. Select Custom from the preset dropdown, then select the desired DNxHR codec from the Video Format dropdown. You can save that preset for reuse later by selecting Save Current Preset from the batch menu.

We strongly recommend using PCM audio with DNxHR.

For details on the framerates, frame sizes, and bitrates that DNxHR supports, see the DNxHR Codec Bandwidth Specifications table at


If you'd like to use EditReady for generating files for distribution, or for creating very small proxy files, the H.264 setting is a good option. This setting will automatically select a bitrate high enough to preserve the quality of your source footage without introducing substantial artifacts.

Audio Formats

EditReady includes three options for audio formats - Uncompressed, AAC, and Passthrough. Passthrough will preserve your source audio. This is useful if you only wish to change the video essence or metadata of your file.

Uncompressed (PCM)

Uncompressed PCM audio is the most common and interoperable method for working with audio on a computer. This is the recommended option for any editing platform.


AAC compressed audio is an ideal choice if you'll be creating H.264 compressed files for distribution.


Remove the audio entirely.

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