Need help?

Something isn't working. What should I do?

1. Update PostLab to the Latest Version

You can update PostLab in-app – Postlab > Check for Updates… – or download and install the latest version here:

If you are using PostLab for Avid Media Composer, you must keep PostLab up-to-date to avoid any interruptions in your workflow.

2. Ask Your Team Owner for Assistance

The Team Owner is your first line of support.

You and your Team Owner can:

  1. Search PostLab's documentation for more information on a specific feature or an answer to a particular workflow question.

  2. Check for any PostLab-related service outages.

  3. Check for notifications on any extended outages.

3. Request Support

If PostLab is up-to-date and you and your Team Owner can’t resolve your issue, you can Request Support in PostLab from your Mac (Help > Request Support).

Make sure you Request Support from the affected Team Member’s Mac so our team can investigate what’s happening at their location.

Fill out some brief, helpful comments, click Send, and a host of other useful information about the state of PostLab from your location is bundled and emailed directly to us.

After reviewing your Support Request, we may ask you to email us some additional items for deeper troubleshooting:

  • PostLab Logs

    1. Postlab > Help > Collect Log Files for Support

    2. On your Desktop, there's a new file called Postlab_Logs-*(Date)**(Time)*.tar.gz

  • Your System Information

    • System > File > Save > (Your Mac).spx

  • A screenshot/screen recording of what you're experiencing.

We include your Team Owner in all Support conversations to prepare them for future PostLab-related questions specific to your Team's workflow and circumstance.


Why is PostLab asking me to log in through this special dialog box?

If you see this dialog box, quit PostLab, update to the latest version, then relaunch PostLab and log back in.

How can I diagnose connection issues with PostLab?

If all PostLab-related services are 100% and ther are no extended outage notifications, you can use the PostLab Test Tool to diagnose connection issues with PostLab from your location.

Using the PostLab Test Tool

From a Mac with PostLab installed:

  1. Launch /Applications/Utilities/

  2. Copy/paste this command into Terminal, then press Return:

    • /Applications/

  3. Postlab username: enter your PostLab account's email address (Preferences > Account), then press Return.

  4. Select Postlab team region: enter the number for the region where your Team is located (POSTLAB CLOUD > (Your Team) | Teams ), then press Return.

  5. You should see a result like the screenshot below. If the test doesn't complete with four done! results, your network is blocking PostLab.

Once all tests have completed, the results are automatically sent to our team.

Other Known Contributors

These factors may also interfere with PostLab's connectivity from your local Mac or network:

  • Loss of local Internet connection during PostLab usage.

  • Working with a Mac behind an active firewall.

  • Working with a Mac on a network with severely restricted access to network services, such as a guest Wi-Fi network in a corporate office, health care facility, or airport.

  • Using an active VPN connection while using PostLab.

  • Your Mac is using a local antivirus/antimalware service, such as Avast.

  • Your Mac is using a cloud-based security service, such as Crowdstrike.

  • A local MDM policy is active on your local Mac blocking access to cloud/network services.

    • Look in System Preferences for a Profiles ☑️ Preference Pane.

If any of these contributors may apply, please mention any of these as possibilties when you Request Support.

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