Need help?

Something isn't working. What should I do?

For starters, send us some Postlab logs from your computer:

In Postlab, go to Postlab > Help > Collect Log Files for Support.

On your Desktop, there's a new file called called Postlab_Logs-<Date>-<Time>.tar.gz.

Then, send us a screenshot of Preferences > Account.

Email both to [email protected], describing the issue, and we'll get back to you. Bonus points for a screen recording or screenshots.

Postlab wants me to log in through this special dialog box, but I can't.

If you see this dialog box, quit Postlab, install or update Postlab to 21.2.3 or later, then log in.

‚ÄčYou can download the latest release or update Postlab in-app:

Postlab > Check for Updates...