Need help?

Something isn't working. What should I do?

For starters, send us some Postlab logs from your computer:
In Postlab, go to Postlab > Help > Collect Log Files for Support.
On your Desktop, there's a new file called called Postlab_Logs-(Date)-(Time).tar.gz.
Then, send us a screenshot of Preferences > Account.
Email both to [email protected], describing the issue, and we'll get back to you. Bonus points for a screen recording or screenshots.

Postlab wants me to log in through this special dialog box, but I can't.

If you see this dialog box, quit Postlab, install or update Postlab to 21.2.3 or later, then log in.
You can download the latest release or update Postlab in-app:
Postlab > Check for Updates...

How can I diagnose connection issues with Postlab?

If Postlab reports one of these errors:
Connection issue - Postlab is not able to fetch all information that is needed from its servers. Please try again.‌
A server is responding slowly - One of the servers is responding slowly. Therefore you might not see your team listed here. Try again.
Check status.hedge.video or Twitter: @PostlabStatus for status updates.
If all services report 100% and there are no other status updates, use the Postlab Test Tool to diagnose connection issues with Postlab from your location.

Using the Postlab Test Tool

From a Mac with Postlab installed:
  1. 1.
    Launch /Utilities/Terminal.app, copy/paste this command into Terminal, then press [Return]:
    1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Postlab username: enter your Postlab account's email address (Preferences > Account), then press [Return].
  3. 3.
    Select Postlab team region: enter the number for the region where your Team is located (POSTLAB CLOUD > (Your Team) | Teams ), then press [Return].
  4. 4.
    You should see a result like the screenshot below. If done! isn't showing up four times, your network is blocking Postlab.
Postlab Test Tool Results
If all steps complete, the results are automatically sent over to Postlab support, so we'll know what to look for when you reach out.

Other Known Contributors

Other factors may contribute to connection issues for Postlab on your local Mac or network:
  • Loss of local Internet connection during Postlab usage.
  • Working with a Mac behind an active firewall.
  • Working with a Mac on a network with severely restricted access to network services, such as a guest Wi-Fi network in a corporate office, health care facility, or airport.
  • Using an active VPN connection while using Postlab.
  • Your Mac is using a local antivirus/antimalware service, such as Avast.
  • Your Mac is using a cloud-based security service, such as Crowdstrike.
  • A local MDM policy is active on your local Mac blocking access to cloud/network services.
Look in System Preferences for a Profiles ☑️ Preference Pane.
If you're sending us some Postlab Logs or Test Tool results, and you think any of these may apply, please mention these when emailing us: [email protected].
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