If PostLab Drive's cache could be likened to a warehouse, PostLab functions as the warehouse manager storing file chunks on a FIFO basis โ€“ first in, first out. However, sometimes you need files to remain in your local cache. You can achieve this by using Driveโ€™s Pinning feature. You can pin ๐Ÿ“Œ a Bookmark created from a folder or a Workspace.

Pinning fully downloads a folder's contents into the cache, then flags it as Do Not Remove. This ensures those files stay on your local computer, instead of having to (re)download them. To keep room for non-pinned files and uploads, PostLab allows 80% of the cache to be used for pinning.

Consider pinning a Bookmark or Workspace when you need certain media to stay available locally. As other Team Members upload files to a pinned Bookmark or Workspace, those are automatically downloaded to your local computer as well. If playback or clip scrubbing isnโ€™t performing as expected due to high network latency from your location, pinning will help.

Pinning a Folder

In PostLab, create or open a Production.

Inside the Production go to Drive. Click โž• at the bottom of the Drive panel, then select Bookmark.

Select the Folder on Postlab Drive to Bookmark.

Click the pin ๐Ÿ“Œ next to the Bookmark to pin that folder.

Pinning a Bookmark or Workspace occurs locally on your computer. Nothing is pinned for your Team Members unless they do so from their own computer.

Clearing Pins

To free your cache of all downloaded files from Drive, you can clear all pinned files in one go. Go to Preferences... > Drive > CACHE SIZE, click Clear all pins. All pins for all connected Drives and Workspaces are cleared on your local computer.

You might use Clear all pins to free up your Drive cache to upload a large set of files.

Clear all pins doesn't remove your Bookmarks in a Production. You can always re-pin Bookmarks later, as needed.

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