Workspaces lets you create multiple volumes from folders on your PostLab Drive. Create as many Workspaces as needed to suit your workflow. If you have Remote Locking for Avid Media Composer enabled for your team, all Workspaces are also recognized as third-party storage by Avid.

Workspaces is available with a PostLab Enterprise plan. Reach out for details.

Adding a Workspace

In PostLab, go to POSTLAB CLOUD > Drive.

Click Workspace, then select a folder on your Team's Drive.

Your new Workspace will be listed alongside your Drives:

Connecting to a Workspace

Click Connect and PostLab will sync the file index for your Workspace. Once the sync finishes, you can start using your Workspace like another Drive.

You also have the option to pin your Workspace, which downloads the contents of that Workspace to a separate Drive Cache on your local Mac.

Once you Pin 📌 your Workspace, PostLab will tell you, This workspace is being downloaded.

Once your Workspace is completely pinned, PostLab will report, This workspace is ready for some action.

If you're using Workspaces with Avid Media Composer or you edit from original media/camera source files stored on PostLab Drive, it may be best to wait for your Workspace to finish downloading before starting your work.

Removing a Workspace

Click a Workspace to select it, Control-Click the selected Workspace, then Remove Workspace.

Removing a Workspace removes it for the entire Team, not just one Team Member.

Removing a Workspace doesn't delete the originating folder or its contents from PostLab Drive.


Should I do any work in my NLE while my Workspace is pinning?

If the files you need to work from are on a Workspace being pinned, it would be best to wait for that Workspace to finish pinning before working from it.

If you can't wait, you can Unpin that Workspace, then Pin it again later.

Why does my Workspace report, This workspace is not kept in cache.?

After PostLab finishes syncing the file index for your Workspace, you can use it just as you would Drive. Drive's default model is to stream-then-cache only the bits and blocks of media required to achieve playback.

Once you completely Pin 📌 a Workspace, the entire contents of that Workspace are downloaded to a separate local Drive Cache. New files will download as their added to a Workspace.

Where is the cache for my Workspace stored on my local Mac?

A separate cache is created for your Workspace in the same location defined in Preferences > Drive > CACHE LOCATION.

How much storage will I need for a Workspace?

The size of a Workspace's cache is defined in Preferences > Drive > CACHE SIZE. If you choose to Pin your Workspace, keep in mind that no more than 80% of your cache is available for Pinning.

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