Media Composer
Bin Locking
For Avid Media Composer, Bin Locking is the preferred mechanism for collaboration. Once Remote Locking is enabled for your Postlab Team, Avid Media Composer recognizes Postlab Drive as third-party shared storage. Teams of Avid editors can then work together using Shared Bins with Bin Locking in shared Avid Projects.

Getting Started

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    Connect your Drive(s) or Workspace(s).
  2. 4.
    Launch Media Composer.
  3. 5.
    Create/Open a shared Avid Project on/from your Drive or Workspace.

Enable Remote Locking for Team Members

In Postlab

In Postlab, go to Preferences... > Integrations > Remote Locking.
Preferences... > Integrations > Remote Locking
Once you've enabled Remote Locking, click Select Users, then select the 🔼🔽 icon next to each Team Member who needs Remote Locking enabled on Postlab Drive. A web browser will launch the Postlab Team Management Portal. There, the Team Owner can enable Remote Locking for each Team Member.
Only a Team Owner can enable or disable Remote Locking for each Team Member. To verify if you're the Team Owner or a Team Member, go to Preferences... > Account > TEAMS.
Once Remote Locking is enabled for that Team Member, it's automatically activated on all Drives and Workspaces they're allowed to access.
POSTLAB CLOUD > Drive: Remote Locking Enabled
Go to POSTLAB CLOUD > Drive and click Connect next to the desired Drive or Workspace.

In Avid Media Composer

Once Postlab Drive is connected, launch Media Composer (not the other way around).
When Media Composer prompts you with the non-Avid storage alert, click Yes.
Media Composer 2018.12.15
Media Composer 2021.9 and newer
Create a shared project on Postlab Drive, and start working. Shared Bins opened from Postlab Drive will display:
  • The Team Member's Computer Name currently accessing it.
  • A lock status indicator.

Confirm Remote Locking is Enabled in Avid Media Composer

If you need to confirm Remote Locking is enabled on your Drive or Workspace, confirm these preferences and settings in Media Composer:
  • Avid Media Composer > About Avid Media Composer > Hardware > Avid NEXIS Drives: your Team's Drive or Workspace is listed.
Avid Media Composer > About Avid Media Composer > Hardware > Avid NEXIS Drives
  • Settings > General > Enable Bin Sharing on 3rd Part storage emulating Avid NEXIS/ISIS
Settings > General > Enable Bin Sharing on 3rd Part storage emulating Avid NEXIS/ISIS
  • Settings > Project > Media Creation: your Team's Drive or Workspace appears as a selectable destination.
Settings > Project > Media Creation

System Requirements

  • A qualified combination of:
    • Media Composer: 2018.12.15 or newer
    • macOS: 10.14.6 (final version of Mojave) through macOS 11
  • Either a Media Composer | Ultimate or Media Composer Perpetual license.

Using Media Composer 2018.12.15 on macOS 10.14.6

Apple discontinued support for macOS Mojave 10.14 in November, 2021.
If you're still using these, we (and Avid) recommend upgrading to a more current qualified combination of macOS and Media Composer. If you need to stay with Media Composer 2018.12.15 and macOS 10.14.6, support is available as an additional service with an Enterprise plan.
More details are available here from Chris Bové, Avid's Online Community Manager for Media Composer.

Using Postlab Drive with Remote Locking alongside existing Avid or third-party shared storage

Best Practices

Avid has specific requirements for Media Composer to be used successfully in a team environment. Here are some known Best Practices for configuring your workstation with Media Composer.


How can I be sure Bin Locking is working in my Avid Project?

In Postlab, verify each Team Member has Enable Remote Locking on this computer checked on their local Mac.
Preferences... > Integrations > Remote Locking > Enable Remote Locking on this computer
Once you enable Remote Locking for Avid Media Composer on your Team, Postlab automatically enables Remote Locking for each LucidLink Filespace connected through the LucidLink app.
Connect your LucidLink filespace, and head to POSTLAB CLOUD > Drive. You'll see your LucidLink filespace listed with a new status: /Volumes/<Mount point> is enabled for Remote Locking
Avid Media Composer expectsread and write permissions to each disk's root folder.
Therefore, make sure your LucidLink user has both read and write privileges to the full Filespace; i.e the / share. Without that, Media Composer is sure to crash on start-up, or during project creation — without any warning or errors.

Can I use existing Avid and third-party shared storage alongside Postlab Drive?

When Remote Locking is enabled, another NEXIS client cannot be active at the same time. However, you can use Remote Locking alongside your Avid or compatible third-party shared storage by:
  1. 1.
    Mounting your Avid or compatible third-party shared storage folders as network shares in Finder.
  2. 2.
    Telling Media Composer to treat those network shares as Avid media storage volumes.
This reverts the Avid media management folder structure from the shared storage method back to the local storage method.
  • Shared Storage - folders are created based on the source Mac's Computer Name (System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name) and a number (/<Volume>/Avid MediaFiles/MXF/<Computer Name>.1)
  • Local Storage - subfolders with media are created with a number (/<Volume>/Avid MediaFiles/MXF/1)
Need additional guidance? Reach out for details: [email protected]

Are Workspaces supported?

Yes. Workspaces lets you create multiple volumes from folders on your Postlab Drive. More details are available here.

Is Remote Locking for Avid Media Composer included with my plan?

If you purchase a Postlab for Media Composer plan, Remote Locking is already included.
What if you need to use Media Composer alongside other NLEs? In this instance, Remote Locking is available as a paid add-on option with a Team or Enterprise plan. Like a Postlab for Media Composer trial, Remote Locking is enabled during your trial. Once the trial expires, the Team Owner (and no one else) must purchase Remote Locking, then enable it for each Team Member.
To purchase Remote Locking, go to Preferences > Integrations > Remote Locking. Click [Enable], then complete the checkout.
Remote Locking for Avid Media Composer > Checkout
Enable Remote Locking for all Team Members who need it, and your billing will be adjusted accordingly.
Pricing starts at $25 per user per month. For details, reach out: [email protected].
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