Remote Locking

A core feature of Postlab is the ability to lock projects and libraries while you're working, so that others cannot cause conflicts by working in the same Document and saving that to Postlab before you do.

Final Cut Pro X

FCP X itself does not have a locking mechanism, so Postlab handles this for you. When you open a library, Postlab will tell all other members of your team that this particular library is locked, and that it is locked by you. When you save you changes to Postlab and close the library, the lock is removed automatically.

Premiere Pro

When working with standalone Premiere Pro projects, there is also not a native locking mechanism, so this is handled by Postlab, just like with FCP X.

Adobe's Productions technology does provide a locking mechanism. When working with Premiere Pro Productions in Postlab, you store you production on Drive instead of Postlab. This will automatically propagate Premiere Pro's lock files to your team members, in real time.

Media Composer

Remote Locking is also available for Media Composer, turning Postlab Drive into third-party storage recognized by Avid Media Composer. This is also known as third-party emulation. It allows a team of Avid editors to work together remotely using bin locking, as if they're working on the same Nexis.

Remote Locking for Media Composer is available as a paid add-on for your Postlab plan. This add-on can be enabled on a per-user basis in-app:

  • Enable Remote Locking for Media Composer in Postlab's preferences. You'll be guided through a checkout that enables Remote Locking for you whole team.

  • When Remote Locking is enabled for a user, it's automatically activated on the Drives the user has access to that are part of your team. Connect a Drive, and you'll see a lock icon in Postlab's Drive view.

  • Then, copy your projects to Postlab Drive.

  • As Drive now functions as third-party storage for Media Composer, an Avid MediaFiles folder and Unity Attic folder will present themselves in your Drive's root after opening Media Composer. If not, make sure to enable Third Party Emulation in Media Composer's preferences.

  • Now, when opening a bin in Media Composer, you'll see green or red lock icons in your Bin viewer.

Remote Locking for Media Composer requires Ultimate or Perpetual.

DaVinci Resolve

Locking for Resolve is not yet available.