Team Portal

PostLab’s Team Portal lets Team Owners administer their Team and Subteams from anywhere.


Getting Started

If you're the Team Owner, go to and log in with your PostLab account’s email address and password.

Forgot your email address? In PostLab, go to Settings > Account.

Adding Team Members

In the Team Portal, click the Users tab, then Add User. Enter your new Team Member’s EMAIL, then click Create user.

If the email address is valid, enter their first and last name, assign the Team Member to a TEAM, choose their ROLE, then click Create user.

Your new Team Member will appear with a status of (Pending) underneath it. Wait 10-15 minutes, click Reload in your Web browser, and the (Pending) status will disappear.

Your new Team Member will receive an onboarding email with instructions on getting started with PostLab. If you are the Team Owner, you'll receive an email notification that you successfully added a new Team Member.

If the Team Member you invited has previously used PostLab with that email address, they’ll simply be added to your Team and receive an onboarding email.

Remote Locking for Avid Media Composer

Team Owners of a Team plan can enable/disable Remote Locking from here.

To enable Remote Locking for a MEMBER, toggle REMOTE LOCKING from grey to blue, and vice versa to disable.

Removing Team Members

Remove from a Team

Locate the MEMBER to remove, then click X next to the Team name under TEAMS.

Remove from all Teams

Click ❌ to remove a MEMBER from all TEAMS. Doing this also removes them from the Users list.

Creating Subteams

In the Team Portal, click the Teams tab, then Create a new team. Enter the new TEAM NAME then select the Postlab Cloud server with the NEAREST LOCATION to your Team.

Choosing the Best Location

Many times, the choice is simple. If your Team is in and around the same geographic region, choose the NEAREST LOCATION for your Team for the best possible PostLab experience.

If your Team spreads across coasts or continents, you may have to choose a location that meets in the middle or create multiple Subteams closer to each portion of your Team’s respective region.

Adding Team Members to a Subteam

If a Team Member is listed under Users you can add them to a Subteam here.

Click , then click the drop-down menu. Select ▪️ next to to the Team Members you wish to add, then click Add teammembers.

Removing Subteams

Click ❌ to remove a TEAM and its MEMBERS. Any Team Members removed this way will still be listed in Users > MEMBER.

Removing all Teams doesn’t cancel your PostLab plan.

Removing Team Members From a Subteam

Under MEMBERS, click X next to the Team Member to remove them from that TEAM.


Why do I get a 401 – Unauthorized error when I log into the Team Portal?

The Team Portal is only available to the Team Owner with a Team plan.

I just added a new Team Member, but the status is still (Pending) after 15 minutes. What should I do?

Reach out:

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