Postlab is centered around Teams. Every Team has an Owner and a Drive. A Team can consist of a single person, or contain hundreds of users - anything goes. All Team Members can add Members.

Add Team Members

Click [➕] at the bottom of a panel, then select [Team Member].

[➕] → [Team Member]
Add Team Member

Team Owners may also add Team Members from the Account pane in Preferences.

Preferences... → Account → TEAMS → Team Members

Team Members have access to all Team resources, including:

  • Productions

  • Documents

  • Folders

  • Drive

All Team Members can add assets and media to Drive, and remove them. When it comes to Productions and Folders, what you are allowed to do depends on your Role:



Owners have full access to a Team. Owners typically set up Folder structures and organize Productions for Editors to work on.

A Team Member with an Owner Role is not the same as a Team Owner.

A Team Owner may also:


Editors can work on anything, but cannot:

  • Move or delete Productions

  • Create, move, or delete Folders


When adding a Team Member, your Team will be charged for that Member based on the billing cycle you selected for your Postlab Plan, monthly or yearly.

You can remove a Team Member at any time. Any unused days within that billing cycle are credited to your account. Even with a yearly plan, you'll receive a credit if a Team Member is removed before the year is over.


How do I know who is currently on my Team?

You can learn who is on your Team in multiple ways:

  • Preferences... → Account → TEAMS → Team Members

  • Click [➕] at the bottom of a panel, then select [Team Member].

  • POSTLAB CLOUD → (Your Team) → ABOUT → (N) Members

POSTLAB CLOUD → (Your Team) → ABOUT → (N) Members
Team Members

Generally, I collaborate with just one other person, but that changes from time to time. What's the best way to manage that?

Add that person as a Team Member. When your project wraps or their contribution to the project is fulfilled, remove them. We'll credit you for that Team Member's unused days, and billing will be adjusted accordingly.

I have a Postlab account. My collaborator/client has a Postlab account. Should they add me as a Team Member, or invite me as an External Member?

If someone needs access to all Team resources, especially Postlab Drive, add (or request to be added) as a Team Member.

Inviting someone as an External Member lets a Team Owner share Folders, Subfolders, and Productions with another Postlab user.

Depending on how an External Member is invited, their access will be limited to:

  • A Folder

  • A Folder and its Subfolders

  • A Production

External Members cannot access a Team's Drive.

Invite Someone as an External Member

  1. Go into a Folder, Subfolder, or Production.

  2. Click [➕] at the bottom of the panel.

  3. Depending on where an External Member is invited from, select:

    1. Inside a Folder or Subfolder - [Folder Member]

    2. Inside a Production - PRODUCTION → [Member]

  4. Click [Invite External Member], fill in the Invite External Member form, then click [Send Invite].

Invite External Member

Folder Members can access shared Folders with its Subfolders and Productions.

Production Members can access shared Productions only.

Access Shares as an External Member

  1. Go to POSTLAB CLOUD → [Shares] → [Shared with me].

  2. Select the Share you wish to access.

  3. Click [Open].

POSTLAB CLOUD → [Shares] → [Shared with me]

I have a Solo plan. How can I collaborate with others?

With a Solo plan, your team is limited to only you. You can collaborate with others on Postlab by inviting someone to a Production as an External Member.

External Members can then access the Documents inside that Production.

External Members cannot access your Team's Drive.

When you share a Production with an External Member, those Shares will appear here:

POSTLAB CLOUD → [Shares] → [Shared by me]

POSTLAB CLOUD → [Shares] → [Shared by me]

Any Productions shared with you will appear here:

POSTLAB CLOUD → [Shares] → [Shared with me]

How do I change my Team Name?

You can change your Team Name in Preferences... → Account → TEAMS.

Click the action button, then choose Change Team Name.

Only Team Owners can change the Team Name.

How do I remove a Team Member?

In Postlab, go to POSTLAB CLOUD → [Teams].

In the Info & Options panel, go to ABOUT → [(N) Members].

Info & Options Panel → ABOUT → (N) Members.

Click [🗑] to remove a Team Member:

Team Members → [🗑]