With Drive, your download speed isn't the limitation - it's your latency.


Postlab will push files to the cloud as fast as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of ISPs still cut back severly on upload speeds while offering a high download speed, but due to Drive's continuous uploading most media will If your connection is to slow to upload media, or if you have simply to much data to offload, you can send us your Drives and we'll upload them directly to Drive's cloud servers. Reach out by email for details.

My connection has a terrible download speed

Drive by itself doesn't need speed as there's little to no overhead, but your media's data rate can of course outpace your connection's download speed making live playback from the cloud impractical. The best way to handle that is a proxy workflow, to minimize the data rate of your media. If that is not possible, simply drag files from Drive to your hard drive - that will trigger a full file download, which you can do overnight.