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Office Hours

You can email us about anything 24/7, and you'll likely get a fast reply if it's between 9 AM CET and 6 PM CET. If you email us outside those hours, we'll pick up your email in the morning. That means that if you're in the USA, you can expect a reply overnight.

We don't guarantee a reply within 24 hours on working days, but it has rarely happened that we were not able to send a reply within a fraction of that. Our response time is typically under an hour, with 90% of emails responded to within minutes.

Please don't email us to ask if we received your email if you didn't get a response within 24 hours, as that will only add to the response time as we then suddenly have two emails waiting for a reply 😁

Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays

During evenings, weekends and holidays, we monitor our inboxes for issues we classify as blockers: things that prevent you from working, not being able to log in to one of our services, not receiving your shiny new license key, etc. Not a blocker? Your email gets snoozed until Monday morning - then you'll be the first.

During these hours, don't expect a reply within minutes. We're likely busy with things like living a life, putting kids to bed, talking to people that are not thinking about workflow, you get the gist πŸ˜‰

Remember, support outside office hours is a courtesy, not a privilege.

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