Why won’t PostLab launch after updating or installing it?

This primarily affects macOS 12 (Monterey) users.

You are likely using macOS 12.7.x (Monterey), or you upgraded macOS 12.7.x to a newer version after updating or installing PostLab.

If you updated or installed PostLab to the current release, and PostLab will not launch (i.e. it crashes with a macOS-level crash report), take these steps to reinstall PostLab:

  1. Perform a comprehensive uninstall of PostLab using AppCleaner:

    1. Drag-and-drop PostLab from /Applications to AppCleaner then click Remove.

    2. In Finder, empty your Trash.

  2. Download and reinstall PostLab: https://hedge.video/download/postlab/macos

Do not relaunch PostLab yet.

  1. In Finder, delete these two folders (if they exist), then empty your Trash:

    1. In Finder, go to Go > Go to Folder... (or Command-Shift-G).

    2. Copy/paste this into the dialog that appears: ~/Library/Caches/

      • (The tilde ~ is a macOS shortcut for your macOS account home folder.)

  2. Delete these two folders:

    1. io.sentry

    2. SentryCrash

  3. Empty your Trash in Finder.

  4. Now relaunch PostLab.

A Sentry report dialog (i.e. Something unexpected happened.) may appear multiple times after taking these steps. These dialog boxes are related to removing the cached Sentry folders.

Are you using macOS 12, and is PostLab still not launching? Follow these steps to Request Support in PostLab.

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