Conflict Detection

Sometimes, NLEs create new versions of their project or library files next to existing ones - when crashing, for instance. PostLab helps out by detecting conflicting versions of the same Document. When PostLab detects such a conflict, PostLab lets you choose which Document to continue with.

PostLab's Conflict Manager is tailored to each video editing application specifically.

Final Cut Pro

You may have opened or restored a Library inside Final Cut Pro instead of a previous version stored within PostLab. Maybe this was on purpose, maybe not, so to be sure, PostLab's Conflict Manager will detect this, and allow you to choose which Library to keep working with.

Premiere Pro

In Premiere Pro, multiple circumstances may lead up to a possible Project conflict:

  • Multiple auto-saves occurred while you were away from your computer

  • A Premiere Pro crash

  • A Creative Cloud update

When these happen, the Premiere Pro Conflict Manager appears, letting you choose which Project to upload to your Production.

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