Merge is PostLab's Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension.

PostLab Merge is a Final Cut Pro workflow extension that is bundled with your PostLab app. It allows you to merge FCP events, clips, projects, and metadata. Merge requires FCP 10.4.9 or higher. To use Merge, you need to be logged into PostLab.


Merge will merge two Final Cut Pro events, combining names, keywords, ratings, markers, metadata, and roles for every matched clip in each event. Imagine two events, each containing the same clip but with different keywords. Merge will then output a single event with a single clip embedding all the keywords of both inputs.

Merge respects the time ranges you set, meaning that your keywords or ratings “in” and “out” will be respected.

In- and outputs

Merge accepts events, projects, and all types of clips: asset-clips, synchronised clips, multicam, compound, and audition.

Items can be dragged into Merge directly from FCP. When two objects of the same type have been added, Merge will generate a new event containing the result of the merge and add it to Final Cut Pro.

For each matched clip a single clip respecting the rules is provided. Each clip with no counterpart in the opposite event is copied as-is. In some cases, relinking a few assets can be necessary.

Priority, non-priority, and ignored

Merge gives you the ability to define which side has priority. When an asset exists in both events, the blue chevron indicates which side's value is used. If no value is present on the priority side, the other side's value is used. If x is selected instead of >, that side's value is not used — not even when no value is present in the priority side.

You can further refine Merge's settings in the Preferences:

  • Created new Merged Event

    • When merging, the two original Events are not affected, but a new Event is created. When disabled, the Event with priority is updated.

  • Create new Merged Project

    • When merging two Projects, a new Project is created instead of updating the existing Project.

  • Only Include Clips that are present in both Events

    • No clips that don't have a match on both sides are merged. This overrules the x priority setting.

  • Don't merge but copy/ignore Projects

    • Useful when you want to merge just metadata, but not alter any existing timelines.

Merging Rules

  • All keywords of matching clips are retained.

  • The Notes fields of both clips are always merged, separated by a pipe (|).

  • A clips's Name applies the priority event’s clip name.

  • Metadata merges the general metadata: Reel, Scene, Take, Camera Angle, Camera Name, and custom fields.

  • Rating inherits the rating of the priority clip.

  • Markers merges both markers and to-do markers.

  • Roles inherits the prority Event’s Clip Roles, including subroles.

  • If more fields are present, they follow Name priority.


Merge first merges all clips of two Events, and then applies the resulting changes to the projects. This means a Project cannot have priority; it will always inherit the properties of the Event's clip.

Note that in the case of multicam and compound clips, changes will be applied to the Project even if Don't merge but copy Projects is selected — FCP treats such clips as a single entity.

Limitations in project merging

Clips that have a retiming modification applied (acceleration or slow- motion) will not receive all metadata. Clip names and roles will pass on to a retimed clip in a project, but keywords and markers will be ignored.


Rating effectively merges the ratings of both clips. Priority is given when there is a direct conflict (a portion marked as favourite in one, but rejected in the other). Otherwise, all possible ratings are applied on the merged clip.


Merge compares the asset, i.e. the imported media, to match clips. When a file has been imported into two Events the clips will be matched and merged, even if the clip’s name has been changed.

When merging a synchronised or multicam clip Merge will compare the embedded assets. As long as two of these clips contain identical assets, they will be matched and merged. If a new angle is added to a multicam in only one of the events, it will not match.

In the specific case of a compound clip, Merge will compare the clip’s name instead of its contents.

Merge X

The previous release of Merge, known as Merge X, is also available as a standalone app in the App Store. This is a version that is no longer maintained or supported, but is fully functional:

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