Drive uses all available local bandwidth to upload and download your files by default. For some, this behavior's a bit much as it gets in the way of other usage on your local network (e.g. for co-workers or backups).

If this is true in your case, you can easily throttle Drive's connection from the command line (

First, connect Drive. Then use one, or both, of the following commands in Terminal. You can specify the data rate as (N)KB | MB | GB | TB.

In these examples, we'll throttle:

  • The upload speed to 2MB (2MB/s = 16 Mbps).

  • The download speed to 12MB (12MB/s = 96 Mbps).

/Applications/ --instance 1 config --set --local --ObjectScheduler.MaxUploadRate 2MB

You can use something like DuckDuckGo's Data Transfer Rate calculator to convert between megabits per second and megabytes per second.

Throttling Drive's connection will persist for you on your local Mac, but you can use this command to confirm your Drive upload or download configuration:

/Applications/ --instance 1 config --list --local

Removing Throttling

To remove any throttling from your local Mac on Drive, use one of these commands, setting the data rate to unlimited.

/Applications/ --instance 1 config --set --local --ObjectScheduler.MaxUploadRate unlimited

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