Postlab utilizes macFUSE to connect to Drive's cloud storage, making it behave like a local network mount on your Mac.

macFUSE is a macOS kernel extension used to create virtual filesystems. It's built and maintained by Benjamin Fleischer. (More information:

With macOS Big Sur, Apple introduced additional security measures that add some extra steps to installing kernel extensions. If you're having trouble installing macFUSE, it likely falls under one or more of the following categories:

Postlab reports "macFUSE isn't properly installed."

After installing macFUSE, it needs explicit permission to run on your Mac. If macFUSE wasn't granted permission during installation, here's how to grant it permission manually:

  1. Reboot your Mac.

  2. Immediately after rebooting, go to System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy.

  3. On the General tab, click Allow to allow software from developer "Benjamin Fleischer" to run.

  4. That's it!

I don't see an Allow button

If this happens, it's best to reinstall macFUSE through its own System Preference pane:

After removing macFUSE, reinstall...

...and then reboot.

Still no success? Try loading the kernel extension manually, in Terminal:

sudo kextload /Library/Filesystems/macfuse.fs/Contents/Extensions/11/macfuse.kext

It that outputs an error like system policy prevents loading and/or doesn't load macFUSE, your computer is very likely under IT management policies that prevent kernel extensions to load. Talk to your IT department first, and feel free to loop us in on the conversation if IT would like that.

For macOS Big Sur Users on Apple Silicon

Using Postlab Drive on Apple Silicon (e.g. M1 Macs) with Big Sur? You'll need to temporarily loosen your Mac's security policy so macFUSE will load as a kernel extension in macOS.


Use macOS Recovery on a Mac with Apple silicon:

Review these sections to enter macOS Recovery then modify your Mac's security policy:

  • Start up your computer in macOS Recovery

  • Set the security policy

Once you loosen your Mac's security policy:

  1. Quit Recovery Mode then restart your Mac from your Startup Disk.

  2. In System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy → General and click [Enable System Extensions...]

Launch Postlab, and you'll be able to connect your Team's Drive.

Once you've confirmed Postlab Drive is working, you can return to macOS Recovery and tighten your Mac's Security Policy again.